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Backflow Installation, Repair and Replacement

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As Charlotte's premier backflow contractor, we don't just offer testing and maintenance, we offer new installation of all types of backflows (Domestic & Irrigation, all sizes!) and replacement of failed devices.

Applying for a new Charlotte Water Irrigation Meter? Click Here for a precompleted Backflow Service Application.

Irrigation Backflow Installations

We offer installation for property owners as well as other irrigation contractors (note: per NC Law, we must be paid by the property owner, unless we are contracted by a NC General Contractor). We offer all types of packages, some basic backflow only to turn key installation. For the irrigation contractor, we offer 3 different packages to suit your needs.

So what do you get with us when you order a backflow installation package for an irrigation system?:

  • A RPZ type backflow preventer
  • Copper piping used above ground
  • Quarter Turn Ball Valve at ground or below ground level for split tap installations to allow for Winterization on installations without a dedicated meter
  • A Plumbing Permit with the county
  • An inspection with the county
  • ASSE-1060 Certified Backflow Cover
  • County/City Backflow Preventer Test- performed at time of installation and submitted automatically for you.
  • All Labor. Customer to provide minimum 18-20" deep ditch from point of connection to location where backflow is to be placed
    • Option: Up to 100ft of PEX or SCH40 PVC Water Service Piping from the point of connection to the backflow

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Pricing for the above options varies depending on package selected. The most common installation is a 3/4 RPZ installation with the customer providing the suitable water service piping and 20" deep trench (new NC Code requires Water Service to be 18" from top of the pipe).

We are different from our competition in the regard that we will install a shutoff to allow for Winterization on split tap services and we use ONLY TYPE L COPPER for all above ground piping, we do not use plastic like other companies do, there is no extra charge for this and we do not offer the option to use plastic piping above ground, we find that these type of devices encounter problems down the road and the savings are minimal.

Packages offered are- Note: due to constant price changes in the plumbing industry we are not able to list prices online.

  • 3/4" or 1" Backflow Installation only with Cover
    • No water service piping or trenching is included. Trenches are to be a minimum of 18-20 inches deep!
    • We will supply/file all necessary paperwork with the local authority
    • We will make the final connection to the water source (either split tap or separate irrigation meter) and to the backflow
    • Option is available for customer to supply certified cover, inspection will not be called in without an appropriate cover being on site at the time of installation. This is not recommended as the decrease for a customer provided cover is less than a cover typically costs at most non plumbing suppliers.
  • 3/4" or 1" Backflow Installation only with Cover and Water Service Piping
    • PEX Piping will be used for 3/4" and SCH40 PVC for 1"
    • We will supply/file all necessary paperwork with the local authority
    • We will make the final connection to the water source (either split tap or separate irrigation meter) and to the backflow
  • 3/4" or 1" Backflow Installation- Turn Key!
    • We price these on a case by case basis with a estimate being provided.
    • PEX Piping or SCH40 PVC will be used
    • We will dig the ditch from the point of connection to the backflow location with our excavator
    • Option for customer to cover up ditches available for a discount
    • We will supply/file all necessary paperwork with the local authority
    • We will make the final connection to the water source (either split tap or separate irrigation meter) and to the backflow
  • Backflow packages above 1" are also available on a case by case basis and we will provide an estimate. We are licensed to install any size backflow preventer.

Contact us today about installing your next irrigation backflow!


Domestic Backflow Installations & Replacements

We don't just install irrigation, we do all types of backflows. We offer all types of backflow services and Domestic backflows are no exception. We offer fast and turn key installations for companies that don't have a backflow and need one installed! Per Federal Law, all backflows installed that are intended for human consumption are to be LEAD FREE! FEAR NOT, we have a extensive relationship with multiple Charlotte area wholesalers and we will only install a Lead Free on Domestic services, and guess what, it's included in the price!

We also offer turn key replacement of devices of all sizes! To the right is a recently replaced Domestic backflow due to unrepairable freeze damage. To prevent the same situation from reoccurring, we installed a freeze protection valve, which will open with it gets to cold and cycle moving water through the device!

Lead Free Domestic Backflow with Freeze Protection Valve installed.

So do you have a business without a backflow (ANY backflow, we do them all), or have an irrigation backflow that isn't repairable, give us a call and see what Charlotte's Backflow specialist can do for you!

Backflow Repair Services

We offer a full time service specializing in all things backflow, including repair of failed devices. We maintain a parts stock on our truck and at our shop, but parts are nothing more than a phone call away, we maintain exceptional relationships with a local backflow parts distributor as well as plumbing wholesalers for complete devices if needed. If we can't repair it, it can't be done!

We are able to repair all devices, but specialize in Watts, Wilkins, Febco and Conbraco/Apollo Brands.

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